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Hello, everyone. I am very new here. I believe myself to be an indigo adult. Please feel free to follow/friend me on here. I would love to connect with other souls who are similar to myself. Love and light, Julie.

I'm new

I've always had a feeling that something weird about me but never confronted it. I've seen the same spirit/ghost twice in different times of my life. Recently, someone who I believe is also an Indigo or maybe even a Crystal and was also my most recent relationship, had passed away and these past two years, I've never been so lost.

These recent months I've kept to myself & liked being alone, which has actually developed more than 3 years ago. I wasn't happy. I got very depressed & I feel like I actually am still mildly depressed. I show obvious symptoms of "ADHD" and I always have premonitions such as seeing an old friend of mine next to my car at a stop sign & remembering what a good soul/friend he was in elementary, when I met him, then he passed away the following week & I felt in my heart I was meant to cross paths with him for some reason. I also have had paranormal experiences such as lights turning off all of a sudden & also my broken TV turned on right when I was thinking of Eric (my boyfriend that passed). I sometimes feel like I'm being watched especially in the recent house we just moved in & I have always looked up at the stars for hours gazing at the sky for some apparent reason. Am I an indigo child? I have no idea but reading all of this research these past months have made me question myself and sadly, my ideas of religion. Help? :(
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Planetary Change

Last night, Januari 4th, I woke up in the middle of the night from a very detailed and clear dream. When I woke up to write it down, I was still in a very shifted alpha state.

What I was told in this dream felt so important that I want to share it with others out there, both to see if you might have had a similar experience and to let as many people as possible know of the message I was given about a major change happening to our planet.

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Sorry about this

I know I said that it was going to be a one time post, but the site and address/link have changed,
and I doubt anyone would have gone back to see if a small snippet of a post had changed.

I'm posting this once more because for a couple days after I first posted the info, I would come back to my
computer to find someone had been there only to leave again when no one else was there or the user
that was there didn't respond. I speak of course of a web/chat site that I have created for others like us.

The site I put together, will eventually be more I hope, with articles and links to other similar sites.
Right now, the main focus is the chat page. I personally learn much more from interactive live communication
with others than i do from just plain reading. I suspect many others are the same.

Since the chat is so new, there is only 1 regular user. That user is Tachyon. Tachyon is almost always in there,
but not always at the computer. So if you happen by the chat, and aren't busy, please stick around for a bit, maybe
just keep the page open in the background or something even if you're really bored. this will encourage anyone else
that pops in to say hello instead of just leaving a moment later. You may even catch Tachyon at some point.

I am also sorry if anyone sees this message more than onces, as I am cross posting this in an attempt to
bring together as many indigos and others of like mind together.

Click here to visit the site.
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Lets Chat

Has anyone watched or posted to this thread, and whished...
"I hope someone replies soon."?

Have you ever wanted to chat live with others to ask questions,
or give advice/info and just have general discussions on some of
these topics, in real time chat?

This is not a plug.. this is a one time only post to this thread.
If anyone is interested in chatting with others of like mind and interest,
please, click the link below that will take you to a chat that I have
created for others like us to communicate.

EDIT: The site has changed as has the address, I have updated the link to match.
If you are interested, please click here.

Please keep in mind that It's very new, so likely empty most times, and that there is one user that is almost always listed in there, but not always at the computer. That user is Tachyon.
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People at school bug me they are too loud and immature plus they  make fun of me they call me a dike and stupid just because i have a different view! its not fair this is how i think and they pick on me for it what should i do?! i hate not being around people like me any coping ideas?
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how does one separate the real, from the unreal?

 I blame the user name on the late hour which I created this account. 

I presume nothing. I am just a learner. A student of life. Someone dear to me, 
now lost, once tried to convince me I was an indigo. I tried to get more information 
from her, but she suggested I research it myself to truely understand. So that is what 
I'm doing now. Looking for info and anyone with info, on this and any related subject. 

I wish to learn what I can. That's all that I ask.
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Life Story

'Through the thicket of floral they tread.
Visions of nostalgia
caught in a spider's web"

Mom told me. I was a very little girl when the pilot announced over the intercom the engine was failing. Mom and Dad were with me. Mom thought about my sister, she didn't want to leave an orphan behind. It was panic and terror. I fell fast asleep. I did not stir until the plane had landed safely and careened to a stop. We should have died.

It was either fourth or fifth grade. I climbed the staircase from the front hall after school. My head had just peeked over the top of the railing when I knew, without emotion or precaution, that my sister had broken up with her boyfriend. I remember feeling my excitement for the premonition-come-true compete with sympathy as I saw her crying on the floor with the phone by her side.

My uncle had died. I hadn't seen my aunt since I was four or five. She came to my barn one day and hugged me in the isle. She told me she remembered when I was a talkative child who told wonderful stories and talked to people in the trees.
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Hello, all. My name is Kassaundra, and I've recently stumbled upon this group.  I hope that I am allowed to be here, so allow me to tell my story, in the quickest way possible.

When I was a baby, I began learning things far before most babies did, started making words and even reading sooner than most. Upon entry into Kindergarten, I could not grasp the idea of authority figures in that I was a very creative child and left to my own devices would draw and talk all day long. When confined to the routine of day care, kindergarten and elementary school, I would get work done very quickly and then make a nuissance of myself. My parents were told that it was possible that I was a "gifted learner" because of this, and my "imagination" as they put it. From an early age, I was very interested in the paranormal and ghosts, and ultimately pulled or drawn towards what other children would think was "creepy".

I went to a councellor, who identified me as a gifted learner and I was put into an enrichment class program which happened once every two weeks. There, I seemed to flourish among my peers, where as at the elementary school level, I floundered. My parents have always told me that I have seemed whatever age, going on 40. However, that's their job, isn't it?

Above all of these things, I've had many experiences that could be interpretted as paranormal, or just plain strange. I am 19 now, and studying to be a news reporter, as I feel that is a good way to spread knowledge around the world to many citizens. I've always wanted to reach out and touch people on a personal/spiritual/inspiration level. In grade 12, I went to Mississippi to rebuild houses for victims of Katrina, for no other reason than the people's suffering made me so sad.

I am not religious. I would say that I am agnostic and open minded. My father is very interested in native spirituality, and to this, I feel that I have a very close bond to nature. In that, I will say that I love Mother (referring to earth and nature).

I would not claim to being an indigo child, as I feel that this action could be considered rude or disrespectful, but rather that I've felt so different from my peers all of my life, and nothing has made more sense to myself than this. I hope that it is possible to find a place within this group where I can feel support and balance.