February 4th, 2004

elven glare

classmate suggested

that i tell you all about my dream last night. she reckons its telling me something about my film.. i am trying to figure WHAT.
The dream started weirdly. Mum and i were trying to outrun a tornado ... we were tearing down the motorway on jetskis..(??!!??!) then suddenly I was mooching along a nice bit of countryside, paddling in the river and having an altogether extremely pleasant day with some mates as some sort of dark ages / mediaval peasant person... At which point this rude and interfering bunch of "knights in shining armour" decide to hop over the hedge and attack us, so we all go in an ajoining field and have a fight, and kill all the knights. I just about have time to look up and see the horizon wall to wall with more pissed off knights coming after us, say "oh shit"! and then i woke up.
Anyone who has any theories as to how this is related to my being 2 weeks or so off shooting an Arthurian drama film feel free to comment.
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    puzzled +tired after the fight