March 29th, 2004

(no subject)

Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi (since I joined and all..). I do believe that I am an Indigo "Person". I have read several things about it and agree with some and disagree with some.
I have a child whom I am not sure is Indigo or Crystal.
He takes spells and refuses to turn his homework
And when he is punished, he just goes along without complaint.
His teacher is completely outraged that he just doesn't care if he is disciplined.
I have always taught him to make the best of any situation and no matter if you like what your doing or not, there is no since in making yourself upset when you can think about happy things while your completing the task..
He already knew that of course.
Just a dilemma you have, I guess, when you have a non-indigo control freak for a teacher.

Nice to meet you all!