April 23rd, 2004

(no subject)

HI, I've been here a little while, but haven't posted much. I still have a lot to learn about Indigo because I've just discovered the concept.
I know it is spiritual as well as psychological so I was wondering if anyone had suggested a connection between this and autism? When I was younger I often thought there were many things wrong with me, OCD etc, but when I learned about Ausberger's it seemed like some mild form of that threw all these things together. Now I've discovered the Indigo Children and that seems right as well.
I was just wondering because they are coming up with all these new treatments that supposedly "cure" this "affliction". While I think it's probably good to find ways for autistic people to communicate and show their talents (for they are usually very intelligent and creative) I found myself disturbed by the idea of eradicating it all together. I think there may be more to it. The numbers are close to Indigo. They both used to be something rarely seen and now the numbers are growing. Are they related somehow?
Thanks for putting up with the long post, but I still have a lot of learning to do.