April 27th, 2004

Let's get this settled, once and for all.

I've decided just to give an announcement and let everyone pretty much know what an indigo child is by definition/signs.

You do NOT need an indigo blue aura to be an indigo child. Understand? The color aura is NOT the sign or representation of how you are an indigo child.

You are either an indigo child or you aren't. The only way to be able to know if you are one or not is depending on what color your aura is. The color of your aura is dynamic, depending on how your chakras (there are seven) are fairing in your body.

The vibration of the 6th chakra, that being the chakra of the THIRD EYE, which is in the PITUITARY GLAND, located in the spot in your forehead right above the bridge of your nose. That is the THIRD EYE, and if the color vibrating from the 6th chakra, AKA your THIRD EYE, is indigo blue, then you are thus considered an INDIGO CHILD.


EVERY PERSON HAS AN AURA. I'm assuming everyone reading this is aware of that. The color of the aura depends on the energy that each of the 7 chakras have. So, if one of your chakras is sick, the color of your aura CHANGES. If all of your chakras are aligned and set and at peace, then your aura is WHITE/CLEAR. If it is sick, then the color of your aura changes. It's never stagnant. Also, never think that if your aura is black, that is a bad thing. Black is a healing color, meaning you are very deep within yourself at a point in your life that is vamping your energy.

Indigo Children are not called Indigos because of the color of their AURA. It's because of the color that vibrates from the third eye/6th chakra.

Excuse the rant, I'm just very pissed off by people acting like they know what they're frickin talking about. If you want to consider yourself knowledged, then go out and LEARN, instead of spreading around false information that merely confuses people.

That is all :) Thank you <3 -- an annoyed cabbit
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