May 1st, 2004

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I was pointed in the direction of this community by a friend who believes me to be an Indigo. While I see quite a few similarities between my personality and those listed of the Indigo child, I'm skeptical simply because of the vague, ambiguous, and arbitrary nature of the diagnosis. What I find more substantive is the sheer fact that with the longterm evolution of our bodies, so have our minds and consquently our Consciousness evolved. Similarly, my feelings have been telling me for several months now that the newer generations are somehow inexplicably potent, and hold within them the seeds of a better future. They are the culmination of millennia, and the passing-on of genetics alone would sensibly dictate a more and more complex (evolved) infrastructure to their minds, spirits, and bodies. Everywhere there are sources of information echoing this, whether the guides be scientific, spiritual, astrological, religious, or environmental. The message remains the same, repeated infinitely. Star Wars summed it up damn near perfectly. I guess where I see a divergence is the attitude I'm finding amongst self-proclaimed Indigos. Shouldn't they, like any blessed recipient, utilize what they have been given to promote change, as opposed to sitting back and deciding "who is actually an Indigo"? That strikes me as shallow and arrogant, and contradictory to what I perceive to be the divine nature of the Indigo child. Everyone is special. Everyone is a child of God/the Universe, and equal to you. Instead of deciding what color someone's aura happens to be, why not spend the time helping others? Thanking God that you are alive and well-equipped to do anything you want to do? Instead of drawing lines between you and the rest of the world, why not embrace and accept mankind?
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