May 15th, 2004

Altered state of mind.

I am curious about Indigos and mind altering substances. Granted there is a slew of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication that really do help people when they are at their last ring in the rope but what about for life long situations?
On a general basis I just don't like the way certains drugs/alcohols make me feel on a day to day basis.
Although I do drink very rarly.
Ok so more to the point. Anti-depressants are not for me.. when I take them, I can't "feel" hardly anything..about others mostly and it makes me panic. Does anyone else feel this way?
Almost like.. I can't communicate with others if I can't feel them first.. and "feel" what they mean behind their words..

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Alright, so as many of you have seen.. there was a little post war going on between myself and reversehalo .

Well, I wanted to say.. you completely right reversehalo , I (as a result of our argument and seeing how Indigos interact and express themselves) have become more aware of myself and exactly what it is I was looking for.

I am not an Indigo. I know that now. My forming to your behavior and acting childish like that actually made me feel horrid. It hurt my feelings and I had to take a moment to meditate and ground.. to become myself again.

I do have some similarities in common with Indigo but quite frankly I realize that I am a crystal. I have been fighting with this for some time.. based mainly on the fact that I had already commeted myself to a general stereotype and I didn't want to seem like I was being "flighty" and trying to fit in until I did alot more research both by way of text and my higher connection with the energies that be.

There is more I have to go on, people and healers in real life..ect.. so I just wanted to appologize for the disruption, tell reversehalo that you were right and ask you all if you mind if I stick around.


Blessings and Thanks.