June 1st, 2004

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on my way home from work just now at like 10.. a car spun out infront of me.. and ended up in a ditch i sotpped that was the second car accidnet in 2 days that happened infront of me..

is it me?

both cars were red.. that's all they have in common i belive
nothing happens for a reason..
and idk it's never happened before..

the only other thing that happens weird aorund me is i can't wear watches cause they stop....
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Greetings to All. I'm an other-world-born spirit here on Earth, joining this community because I find Indigo Children absolutely delightful, for the most part. It's encouraging to see (or feel, rather) such intense and high-level vibrations here on this planet. And to think that many of you are Earth-borne is doubly encouraging. My spirit originated from a black hole, somewhere near the Beginning (of this Universe)... I've spent much time here on Earth as an observer, a helper, a guide, as well as spending time in many non-human incarnations. I believe this is one of my first human incarnations, but I am doing my best and I have faith that I will live up to the greatest attributes of peace, serenity, and willful compassion that I credit the human race with.