June 26th, 2004


Famous Indigos

An old post, but interesting enough to bring up again. I would hazard a guess that both Tori Amos and Billy Corgan are indigos. And yeah, probably Trent Reznor, too.

I just retook the color test for the first time since high school (a really long freakin' time ago), and I still scored highest in indigo. But whereas I scored second highest in lavender before, now I scored lower there and higher in yellow and crystal. I have that book by Barbara Bowers. I'll have to reread those sections. The first time I read over the indigo stuff I pretty much bawled my eyes out in relief that there was a spiritually grounded, sound explanation for the painful disconnect I've felt with the rest of the world since I was a little kid.

I'm interested in what other colors in the spectrum are promininent in other indigos. What else did you score high in? Do tell.
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