July 3rd, 2004

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sweetened condensed intro

hello all -

i'm new to this community, and like many of you, when i read the indigo children, i was impressed and very surprised that someone had finally written a book about me. i'm 24 now (one of the older indigos, as i understand it), and entering my last year of college as a psych major (i finally learned that as an empath, i can make a damned good therapist. people just seem to find it easy to open up to me, and somehow, i always know what to say. but usually, i spend a lot of time listening/feeling).

in grade school, i was always classified as "exceptionally gifted," but even beyond that, i knew i was operating on a different plane then my peers. my parents noticed my psychic ability at an early age, and always encouraged it. but when i was 13 and said "no one understands me" i really meant it. as a result, i was typically quiet and withdrawn outside the home, and to complicate matters, i began experiencing bouts of major depression the second i hit puberty. i've learned that most of my anxiety is, indeed, organic, and can be helped with medication. however, sometimes when i was depressed, i literally felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. that feeling makes a lot more sense now. i'm definitely growing, quickly now, and i felt this even before i "knew" i was indigo. my purpose, at least for the moment, is finally becoming more clear (so hang on all you young'ns! it does get easier to process everything. just give yourself time, even though patience isn't your virtue).

i'm lucky in that my younger sister and my partner are both indigo, so i have a strong support system in place (have you ever felt that you completely connected with someone? i'm starting to realize that it's because we really were all opperating on the same wavelength).

so this is my introduction - i hope to give help as much as i am helped.

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Vivid visions.

I just had a very vivid dream about an old friend of mine becoming pregnant and trying to deny it. I can still see her swollen stomach peaking out of her shirt, a very evident sign of pregnancy, yet still she would not admit to being pregnant.
Something was very odd about this dream in particular.

A prediction?

But I'd have no way of knowing anyway.

-Miss Jackie.
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rosegirl, 006

My absent-mindedness strikes again

I never did introduce myself -- just jumped right in, I guess. Oops?

Okay, here goes. I'm CJ, but you can call me Blue. I realised I was probably an indigo child when I ran across a website pointed out to me on a mailing list. The ML was very skeptical about it, and normally I might be too, except the characteristics (except the ADD bit and I'm beginning to wonder about that!) really bloody FIT. So, here I am. ^_^ I've always been very intuitive, but I never did anything about my natural psychic gifts 'til five and a half years ago, when I was almost 13. (I'm 18 now, for those of you who are curious.) I might not have made it through the last five years without awareness of energies and how they affect me -- which they do, in a huge way. I have to keep three layers of energy-shielding up just to function. It's not fun, especially when the shields go kablooey on me.

Errr... what else? *nibbles on own nails as she contemplates* I have this thing I like to call the Knowing (deserves capitalisation, trust me). I'll just... know, I guess, how things are and how they're going to be. This makes me pretty damn good with divinatory tools. ^_^

Weirdly enough, I am a huge skeptic (some might say 'optimist'). I won't believe something's real 'til I feel it right here *taps belly* and here *taps heart*. If I come off as prickly, that's why. Sorry!

Okay, that's enough blather out of me. Back to your regularly scheduled... er... something.