July 11th, 2004

  • vish

Sensory Mix-Up.

So anyway.... March of this year I started to get weird smells/tastes out of nowhere. At first it was usually very subtle, and went away quickly. But since then it seems that more and more these sensations that come out of nowhere are related in some way to what I'm doing or the mood I'm in. The strangest part is the how real they are.

One of the first times this happened to me, I was very angry and got a strong taste of dirt in my mouth. Other times when I'm feeling happy or optimistic I'll smell flowers or suddenly get a whiff of "fresh air" smell (sort of like being in the woods, that's the closest I can get) while still inside.

I'm posting this because I don't really have any point of reference for this, and am wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. Thanks!