August 5th, 2004

typically long introduction, ihope you dont mind..

Hi I'm Kelly and I'm 21.

I am an artist. Foremost I am a singer. Music to me is orgasmic, I can hear all the instruments seperatly if i desire, I can just focus on lyrics, but typically I'm pulled under and must simply surrender. My own music style is related to NIN (I admire Trent Reznor and he has been something of the role model I never had growing up) but is not NIN. It is purely me, I put my heart into it. Music to me is better than sex. I put on my phones and drift a lot. I have better than average hearing too. Loud sounds hurt me bad and force me to plug my ears. I'm also something of a free spirit, many people in my life hate this. They hate also that I am a loner by choice. People overload my emotions and/or make me feel like an alien. I prefer my books over most people. My social interaction is made through the internet for the most part. The internet is a love of mine, a godsend really. I live in a place with no bookstores, nothing for someone like me. It is boring and lonely. The only pleasures I have are the net, music, my best friend in Maryland (whom I haven't seen since I left college last year but have been closer with since through our psychic connection.), and learning about myself. Right now life is somewhat confusing but since I have a lot of free time I can feel it out. I am being compelled to move to a city I have never been to for reasons that are beyond me. I just KNOW that I must go. My goal is to truly be alone, to live alone, in control of my environment. Not being forced to take in what I feel is toxic to me. Being able to be near those whom I really need. I know who my family is and not all of them are blood relations, more like soul relations.
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