August 18th, 2004

elven glare

orbs and long leggidy beasties...

Okay tried to keep this title humourous but the post is pretty serious. For the past few weeks (this incuded a house move as well so it cant be the energies of any one place) I have seen black orbs around me from time to time, as well as dark shadowy things out of the corner of my eye. I am well used to light/ coloured orbs, as over the past year as a photography student no only do i see a few with my eyes but they are always showing up around on digital photos. But since i have become severly ill i have seen these dark ones as well. Is it me being ill or going mad from my heavy medication, or is there actaully something around, and is it dangerous? (if so, what do i do for protection?)

It may be unrelated but i had a dream the other night that involved orbs and was as vivid as i am sat here. Basically in it, i was a witch (in reality while i am a pagan i certainly consider myself far below the learning of a fully fledged witch!) and there was another woman who was a witch and we were at a prize giving in a bookshop. I had won but she wanted the prize and fancied a firend i was with who she had been touching up. So she pushed me out of the way announcing she had won. I wasnt having that so I had a verbal go at her, and she turned round and was like "well if you really want to argue"... I didnt back down, she started magically conjouring, then firing at me things like spears, arrows, energy orbs and things, as well as conjouring really sick thngs like mutilated dead bodies for me to see in the hopes that this would scare me into backing down. I still didnt, refusing to fire things back at her but deflecting what she sent at me, to protect both myself and my friend, and I invoked Osiris wherupon a shield appeared in my hand. She then shouted "dodge this!" and fired at me what i can only discribe as a very intense electric purple orb. My shield became transparant so that i could see through it, and though i tried to deflect the orb it seemed to be able to detect my thoughts and dodge what i tried. It hit me in the side of my head and as i died my comment in the dream was "shiiiiiiiiit!". In real life i woke up with a migraine where in the dream the orb had hit me (i have had the migraine ever since, nothing will affect it), and also had sleep paralysis for a few minutes. Mum later said she heard me shout "Osiris!" in the night as well.

was that just a bizarre dream or is it all related? I feel intutivly that its certainly all related to this sudden downturn in my health whihc is normally great.