August 21st, 2004

Introduction! =)


A few years back I read about indigo children but disregarded that I was one, although I fit many of the characteristics. I have recently moved and have been meeting many new friends who are very spiritually evolved. On the first day of meeting one of my friends she told me that she had something to tell me. I started crying because I found out from her that I was an indigo child. She is very intuitive, clarivoyant, etc. Many of the characteristics that fit me include: telepathic, intuitive, environmentalist, unconventional, and an idealist.

All my life I have felt like an outcast in my family, friends, and the world overall. Yet, it was not until recently because of spiritual growth and how it has changed and disintegrated many of previous beliefs.

I have also spent the past year turning inward with meditation and spiritual growth. Because I have seemed like I am isolating myself from friends and family I have been labeled as anti-social (this can be an indigo trait). Which is fine by me because most of the time I want to tap into the spiritual world through meditation, prayer, and writing.

Well...thats a little bit about me and I am glad (very) that there is a communtity for indigo children.
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