October 19th, 2004


I am an indigo child

I recently found out I am an indigo child. I'm not sure how to handle it... All the things that make one an indigo I've always been. All these feelings I could never explain suddenly make sense. But knowing is half the battle. I'm still alone in this... I recently moved to a city from a small town to be with my SO. Nobody understands me here any better then there. I'm about to get a job but...even when I have one I'm still always alone *points to head* especially up here... but when I'm not alone surrounded by people who don't know... I can never stay long their emotions are just to overwhelming to my system. I've been a shrink for lack of a better word to people.. people I didn't know since I was 16. I always thought being 'wise beyond ones years' was supposed to be a compliment but now I just think it scares people. Whats the point of all this wisdom if no one listens. Sure I'm not perfect... though constantly told I act holyer than thou. I don't know where this is all going... I just need to throw all this out.. I've been jobless and home for a couple months now due to a car wreck. I shouldn't be left to my own mind this long it's not healthy. I guess I'm just searching for understanding voices... is anyone out there.
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