October 20th, 2004

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i was just wondering what people's attitudes to anti-depressants are? i used to believe that depression was something you needed to work through and find the root cause of. it's taken me five years of work and relapses to admit that for me at least there IS no cause. i'm just particularly susceptible to it, and there's no amount of counselling that can make it go away. this summer i started taking anti-depressants and i was amazed how well they worked, and even more amazed that they didn't stop me being me. i still get people telling me sometimes that they only hide the problem, but i don't think that's true any more. i think maybe normal brain chemistry just isn't compatible with the way i think and the way i am.
i'd really like to hear some other people's opinions on this :)
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A poem

I wrote this a couple years ago and entitled it Emotional. But then I must have known something I didn't realize because now I realize the title it should have.


The energy that surrounds us,
flows through our veins,
it tells us when to let go, and when to hold on again.
It helps us to feel the love in the air
and causes us to weep.
It is the only thing that stands between
us and reality.
For we, live in a bubble...
that only the indigo know.
Never quite living and never quite dieing
but still, we always know.
A world that is our own we keep,
a normal life we want to seek.
A knowledge that we will always be
in between reality.
First there is love then there is lust
but neither emotion can we trust.
A lost line of contradictions
in a world of political corrections.
But we will survive, with this plan of mine.
Simply to love and always be kind.
To not worry when the world is so scary
and humans do not understand.
We are simply little lost souls
born the shadows of this land.

Alisha L. Sutton
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