October 23rd, 2004

Holy moments

I just watched the movie "Waking Life" and thought it was fantastic. It's an animated movie (rotoscoped) where a boy is in a dream pretty much all through the movie. He encounters many characters who spit out philosophical ideas about life and people. It's cool because many of those ideas are similar to mine, and some had a more elaborate view/theory that I had so far. It's a must watch for any Indigo/Crystal or anyone who's into spirituality. The holy moment scene was quite intruiging. I was thinking, this is exactly what I've always thought of being in love is. Having holy moments, where you gaze into someone's eyes and look deep into their soul, admiring their souls, not the person they've become but the pureness of their soul. Couples should have more holy moments where you just look at each other for a long time and just take in all of who they are. It's possible to have holy moments with anyone, even strangers. However, the other guy could not fully be in it because he was too insecure, as he said he was going in and out of the moment.

Indigo Children?

Oh my gawsh...how weird...I suspected that my son was an indigo - I never imagined that I perhaps could be one as well...but after having posted earlier about being so profoundly lonely, and having read a summary of characteristics of an indigo - wow...now I know that I must read more about this.

I'm interested in hearing about other indigos in my age group (30-40) and how life has been for you.

Not that I'm not interested in indigos of other age groups - I am - I just didn't think that indigos had been around as long as someone my age !

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