November 1st, 2004

translation of Mononokee's post

Hey, guys. Just read this person's post and I figured I'd translate it for you, seeing as it hit kinda frickin close to home. I had a really...disturbing breakdown Thursday night, just flipping out and I didn't sleep all night. This kind of made me go "......duh." Not saying that this is the reason why it happened, but if I had to justify why I felt so out of sorts, it'd be this. I translated it myself, just so you know that I didn't get it off some website or anything x.o

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ayer ubo una formacion de planetas llamada quintil se llama asi por que juntos hacen una estrella de 5 picos....
se dice que es una especie de portal que va a ser que todos los ADN cambien...
pero en nuestro caso va a ser que la mayoria de niños indigo tornen a cristal

sospecho que ya lo sabian..



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Yesterday there was a formation of planets called quintil it's called that way because together (the planets) they form a star of 5 spikes....
it is said that it is a specie of portals that will make all DNA change...
but in our case it's going to affect the majority of indigo children transcending through crystal

I suspect you already knew this ("but I posted it anyway because this is an indigo child community") ..


I don't know about each of your phases; I have been transcending since I was 16, and it's one of the most painful experiences I have ever faced. I constantly forget that I'm an Indigo Child; always blaming my problems more on Life than through changes I have to deal with because of a huge chunk of me that I can't change. Some people have actually told me it's a good thing not to blame being an Indigo for all the erratic journeys and paths taken. I still find myself thinking I'm a common ("normal" I only use when referring to body parts and their functioning status) human girl, but of course...farthest from the Truth, that we all share :)

I don't know what 'quintil' is, but if any of you have some information to share, I'd like to hear it. I'd ask Mr. Mike/epitath (I'm sure a bunch of you know him, right?) about this, but he's disappeared again. Silly rascal. Hope you all are doing well; I sure feel distorted x_o ~ Jen
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