December 13th, 2004


My name is Juniper and I'm an indigo. I have a couple of questions in regards to auras, chakras, and deminsions. I've transformed three times during my teenager years, the first time it happened when I was 13, this is when I rejected any and all forms of control. The second time I was 16 and I saw everyone that I have known, who I know now, and whom I was going to know. Which for an extensive amount of time I self medicated my intuition right out of me. Or not out, just drugged up enough to ignore the intense explosion of emotions that surrounded me everywhere I went. I thought I was schizophrenic until I was 18. All the while, I didn't understand I was going through a transformation. I never heard of indigos, auras, chakras, or the fact that we all have the power to heal another human being. The third time is when i had a dream about my father. He had died that morning. I flew back from japan to bury him, and help my mother out with everything. I started going to school to block out my mental and emotional anguish. I went to go into the construction program, but someone else told the admissions office I wanted to be in the massage therapy program. One of my instructors smiled at me and told me to read about the indigo children. what I read reminded me of a home from a long ago childrens story. Anyways, enough about the intro! My questions are if I already have the healer's gift, would it retard my knowledge by going to the barbra brennens healing school? I mean I know I can get to where the people are being trained to become healers. I feel like I kinda put myself behind by my teen years, of hiding in fear. My third eye started operating correctly last month, and I'm surrounded by energy vampires. I have always been aware of this unlimited fountain of energy coming from me, no matter how much I tried to ignore it. I have unknowingly been surrounded by crystals, be it my sister, or the friends i've had over the years. I affectionately call them my right hand men, because if i ever have a nervous break down, they all stop by or call within minutes of eachother. The other question is how do I protect myself from energy vampires? That is all for now. Thanks so much!
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