January 2nd, 2005

  • alcira

new person, Hi, but I suspect to be an Indigo

Could somebody knowledgeable clarify the Indigo Child concept to me as to how an Indigo person or Crystal person is different or does not fall into the category of Autism, ADDHD, or Asperger's? I know I read somewhere that the whole Indigo child concept was created to make parents feel better about their otherwise different children who have attention deficit problems and are uncontrollable. I was taking the train once and saw a dad trying to call his kid off the tracks "I don't like the idea of you playing on the tracks!" was what he was saying but the man should have dragged the kid by the arm yelling "get off the tracks [insert swearing of choice], i can't believe you are doing that, what are you trying to do? give me a heartattack?" Sheesh, already. I mean, you can't let a kid play on the tracks. so could somebody clarify some of what I'm looking into?