January 13th, 2005

More "Ickey" Thoughts

"I believe that people who have come specifically to support the transformation also operate like spiritual kidney machines.  They absorb negative emotions and thought patterns into their energy fields and transform then into another, higher, state.  At the time these are being processed by the person, however, they will be living that emotion and experience.  They might feel depressed, angry, or in despair, when there is nothing apparently happening in their life that should make them feel like that.  Then those feelings will go quite suddenly without any obvious reason.  This, for me, is the process of collective pattern breaking and negative energy dispersal.  It is a very positive contribution.  But people who are doing this without knowing it often feel guilty at some of the emotions they are feeling...

This has been essential to become knowledgeable and grounded in the world as it is, and to lock into the rigid thought patterns they have come to challenge.  Experiences, many extreme and sometimes very negative on the surface, have been attracted to them to help their minds break out of the programming of this world and to access their higher consciousness.  Often it is when you are as low as you can go that you shed the old, programmed skin and reveal the new one, the real you, underneath." - David Icke, ...and the truth shall set you free

This is right in line with the sentiment that Don Juan expresses in his talks about having a 'petty tyrant' to make your life shitty to motivate you to utilize all of your faculties to help yourself.  The idea that people need to be pushed to the breaking point is a common one.  It's much better if said pushing is done in a controlled environment, such as under the tutelage or 'controlled folly' of a more experienced shaman or other Altered State of consciousness worker. 

What do you think of the metaphor of  "spiritual kidney machines" he uses for the above passage?   I suppose it's predicated on  whether or not you think we're in the midst of said grand transformation that so many sources have predicted.  I don't think in light of the incessant 'anomalous' weather we've been having that anyone can say that something is not happening.  Maybe it's just obvious to me, but I don't know how much other 'weird' natural phenomena need to occur to start to convince more people of what's going on around them as we speak. 

Even if you don't believe any of the suspect info above, what about the validity of the observation that living these negative experiences and emotions can turn out to have a profoundly catalyzing effect on someone mental state?  Is this the concept of hitting rock bottom and having nowhere to go but up?  Or is the experience of negativity a virtue unto itself?

I'm confused like always, but if I know I'm confused, am I really confused?

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Does anyone else ever have the problem of feeling like you're invisible to others? I always have people bump into me and stuff. It's annoying. And they bump into my cart all the time at Costco. I also have the problem of people not understanding which direction I'm headed in, so as I turn right to avoid them, they turn left. :rolleyes: Sometimes it's so obvious where I'm going. I never had this problem back in high school in the crowded halls, as I even became quite an expert at avoiding the oncoming traffic to get to class on time. Maybe our high vibrations tend to make us somewhat invisible sometimes. What do you think?