March 13th, 2005



I had a wierd experience last night. My day had gone well and I was no more stressed then normal, no pms or anything. When I was headed home I started feeling awful, not physically, just inside, mind soul awful. I didn't want to be touched and I just cried and cried and to the frustration of my boyfriend I couldn't even tell him why because I'd never acted this way before. I just bawled and bawled before I fell into a dreaming sleep for the night. I always dream. But this dream I remember flying over some water, I was playing dropping things in it and fetching them. I was with my father and looking over I saw what I thought was a tornado, it was sun bright and somehow I knew it was very hot. We thought about running but I knew it was useless so we tried hiding behind this building, it got closer and closer and I heard screams that it was burning and I knew it was burning me up with a pain more horrible then I would consiously know, and then I was dead.

I was wondering... did any other Indigos experience something like this recently?