March 25th, 2005

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sleep paralysis?

hi, i was wondering if any of you have experience sleep paralysis?
i have experienced it sporadically throughout time but during the past year or so it has been happening more often, and the severity of the dreams have increased. They where at first just waking up and not being able to move, to waking up not being able to move or scream and "figures" are now appearing. It first started out with me waking up (or thinking to wake up) and perform actions such as go to the bathroom or something. It feels like being conscious while atsleep. But it turns out i didnt get up at all, it was just in my mind. It felt like waking up from a dream and continuing in another one. Sometimes its consecutive, in wich i wake up from one, and wake up into another, by this time im anxious and begin to scream or try to move, but i cant! I try to stretch but nothing happens. I calm down and try to make a sudden move and are finally able to wake for reals, to see everything in my room the way it should be. During the past 2 months it has gotten scarier. I've experienced a painful rush in my back, it felt like someone was stabbing me, repeatedly. I wake up and see nothing there, and experience no pain at all. I figure if i feel pain in a "dream" while atsleep it must be serious. Is this perhaps what an "alien abduction" feels like? And just the past week, im positive i fell asleep, i heard my door open, i figured it was my dog so i just closed my eyes and went to sleep. Couple minutes later i was concious and saw a figure extend its arm to touch my neck. then i remember it trying to strangle me. I tried to move but i couldn't, all i remeber doing was, i guess whimpering before you break into a deep cry, one of those cries of fear, the ones with real emotion, anguish, anxiety and fear. Suddenly i feel i can move and i begin to push the figure away, and i begin to scream histerically for help. Then i wake up. My room is as it was, nothing around, door closed and i'm not even scared enough to stay awake. I fall asleep immediately after a couple of minutes. My grandmother died recently and i was probably thinking that this "figure, ghost, spirit" was perhaps her. I'm just curious if this was perhaps brought upon by a possible OBE experience, i have stopped trying to do this for about 8 years now. Due to fear of leaving my body behind and finding it occuppied by another spirit.
I was just curious if anyone has experience something like this.