April 8th, 2005

elven glare

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Thoughts please: I am writing a book. To be precise, a novel set in the 1st Century AD, based on a mixture of history and mythology. Several people early on told me that they thought I was channeling at least part of it and I kinda shrugged that off and got on with writing. The oddities however have always been:
1) I have no idea what I am going to write other than a very vague thought or two before I sit down to write, and then it flows like mad - last Sunday I did 14 pages in just over 2 hours.
2) all the legends and myths that I pull in elements of, all seem to perfectly compliment one another as if they are all part of a greater underlying whole.

then I wrote three more pages last Wednesday, and the main character was in some difficulties in the story. I went out after that to my martial arts lesson, and couldnt concentrate, I kept wanting to cry and hide, just as the character in my book did, it was a very powerful feeling, and several concerned people asked me upon my arrival at class if I had been fighting and if i was OK..
Thursday I had to do more research on a historical location, and it was hard to find pictures and information. I went to bed and thinking of what my friends had theorized about channeling, I just asked the person challenging through me to please show me this place. Almost immediatly, an image of it appeared on my eyelids, which I memorized then fell asleep. I then dreamed of that place: of an event coming later in the novel, as one of the other characters in the story, it was extraordinarily vivid, and then today when I started researching again, someone had emailed me some pictures overnight,and the place that i had seen both in the dream and in the images I had seen before i fell asleep, were that very place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basically though, since Wednesday and through to and including today, I feel unnaturally drained, worn out, over-emotional, I can still feel certain things that happened in that dream last night, and I am really worried about working for 8 hours tomorrow.........Does anyone have any thoughts as to what is happening, and if I AM channelling, how do I pull myself together from this little patch, bar move the novel on beyond this period of the story?