April 14th, 2005

silver koko

Anyone else have weird/wild dreams like this?

last night:

I'm an elderly man, about to undergo some sort of medical procedure that I'm assuming is for enlightment. It's being performed by a scientist-ish fellow, who makes the mistake of letting me see what he does to the sheepy people in front of me. They sit into this funny gyno sort of chair, a huge picklejar type of glass drops over their heads and fills with clear liquid, but they can breathe? They then get this goofy look on their face and get swaddled up and carted off by oompaloompa-ish kind of cart things - out of the room. The fellow looks at me and says "next". I say no. He says "but you have to do this". I say no I don't. Then it's like we are running in a very slow motion chase scene. He's yelling "cooooome baaaack". I'm yelling "Heeelll noooo". I manage to make into a town and there is this goofy guy holding up a sign for me that says "run that way -----> " ??? WTF ... lol and as the scientist fellows' goons catch up to me.. I GASP AND wake up!!

and no, I didn't snack before bed. roflmao

and p.s. I'm so .. not a dude.