April 22nd, 2005

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i dont believe i am indigo.

a question for the "community"...

when you state you are from syrus, or titon, or europa, or saturn, or whatever constellation, planet or moon that you choose, what is this based on?
what emotions make pertinent to your decisions/statements?
what makes it possible for you to say with conviction, that you are indigo?

some people feel a need to be apart of something that isnt mainstream, mostly in a search for identity. is it fair that most websites about starseeds play off of this emotion? my interpretation of most websites i've visited seem to cater to the "outsider" or the person who is, for the most part, unaccepted in "regular" society.

i am not here to offend, as i know a few people in this community dont see eye to eye with me on a lot of issues. i just want to know more about something i know little about. i find answers from people, rather than websites are more useful.