April 24th, 2005


Life after Death

I'm watching "Flatliners" in Religion class at the moment. And it's pretty good, but it sort of makes me kind of obsessed with the whole Life after Death thing.

Has anyone ever had a near Death experience? Or an Out of body experience?

Something to satisfy me and want more please! :P
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New to the community, and thrilled that I found it. :] A friend of mind suggested that I could be Indigo a few months ago and I've spent the rest of the time studying out the idea. All those diagnostic questions get resounding yes's, and it's actually a big relief to find that there's not something horribly wrong with me. I've spoken with a few people at Edgar Cayce's place (A.R.E) here in VA Beach, and they have been really helpful.

I've been uber sensitive to things, and I remember being that way since I was at least 6 years old (earliest memory, anyhow) and as a result of that have had many experiences that I'm not really up on sharing with the world, but I suspect you guys know what I mean.

I do have a question though, could anyone recommend books that are good reading on the subject of Indigos? And also, I find it strange that the people that I inevitably become closest with, both online and off, also have the same traits. Is there a trend with our kind seeking each other out (even by "accident")?

Thanks again, guys. ♥
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I have an interesting story to share...

A few months ago (I don't know why I didn't post this earlier) my grandmother had a dream that she told me because she felt I was the only one who wouldn't think it was "wierd". She dreamt that she went to visit a gypsy fortune teller, and was asking her questions. Then, when she asked, "Is Jessica an old soul?" (That's me) The fortune teller suddenly transformed into an angel that radiated light and at this point the dream became very vivid. The angel told her, "No, but she is from a planet where the people spend their time debating, relaxing, thinking, and creating art, and that is why she does not quite fit in on this world". Then the angel told her that my newly born cousin was a very, very old soul who was very wise.

That's all I can remember from what she told me. I have since then seen my cousin for the first time and believe that he is a crystal child. He has the most penetrating, almost spooky, eyes and a very calm, wise demeanor about him. He looks like a tiny adult and has very light grey eyes (his parents both have hazel/blue) and platinum-blond hair (both his parents have brown). His face does not resemble theirs or his brothers very much either.

I felt that the dream was very significant but my grandmother didn't seem to think it was necessarily a "message" or anything of that sort. Thoughts? Similar experiences?

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Grown up with a mentally ill parent?


My name is Marije, I'm a 20 year old female from Australia.

My mother suffers from manic depression (bipolar disorder).

I'm also HSP (highly sensitive) and this has greatly affected me.

I know I chose to grow up in this situation, but I was wondering if there are any others that have grown up with their parent taking their illness out on them?

Continual blackmail, guilt trips, put downs, etc.
Physical and emotional violence/ abuse.

I would like to get in touch with others who have.


Looking forward to hearing from you.