May 19th, 2005

  • jadyz

my long-overdue intro, of sorts

and when i say have i got some issues with this

i apologize, it's late, i'm sleepy, i had to take cold medicine, and i can't possibly do my best writing now, but i feel like this needs to be written now. so here i am, instead of in my bed. i need to (incompletely)define myself.

who am i?Collapse )

what i was like as a kidCollapse )

my expereince with mental illnessCollapse )

where i am todayCollapse )

that's my story, with the details left out. i'm pretty open, so you can ask me anything.
i hope this posts and the topics therein create some indigo discussion.

and to you indigos who feel you are worth nothing: trust me, you are worth more than you can ever imagine. even more than that, you're loved!! you may be misunderstood, you may be unhappy, but you really do have the power to change things. you can start by asking for help. it's ok.
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