May 23rd, 2005

Hello My People of the Sixth Ray: Indigo!

Hello my beautiful people! Ask yourselves how you are doing today, and then remember that you are God. When you feel that you are doing nothing, just remember that you could be doing something marvelous. Anyway.....let's see how things are going. This little catepillar is slowly metamorphesizing into something of use to this world. I recently found the Zohar.....which is said to be the actual Holy Grail. Shhhhhh!!!! Don't let the eyes in the sky know that I have it! ;) I feel that things are beginning to integrate within me into something real. I am about to make a change in my life. It is going to happen! For this, I am quite excited. My car has broken down, but I feel this is for a bigger reason ;). I was supposed to go to see a Kriya Yogi Monk on Tuesday, but that may not occur. I also missed my Rosicrucian Temple for the second time!! Perhaps I need to stay within and study what is right in front of me ;). I am having a great time with my girlfriend Meghan....(Hi Baby Baby!! Moi!) lately. I feel like we are connecting more and more. We are all here for a reason, and I am beginning to see that she is here to help me out in a great way. You mean so much to me Meggy, more perhaps than you'll ever understand. I love you! Today was my friend Bohdan's birthday. 19. I wish him well. I feel that we may be moving apart with ideals and aspirations though. Although, perhaps I am here to help the people that are helping me. We shall see. Well, I would just like to say that I Love my girlfriend SO much, and I really want to have a wonderful relationship with her. I have great confidence that we will grow together and experience many wonderful things. MOI!!!. That's about it for today folks. Until next time.-Neo