May 24th, 2005

I'm Sorry

I have this urge to help those in pain. To help those who suffer. To help those in confusion. I guess that's just part of an indigo. It's my first reaction, to help people up. But it seems like many times, I just get turned down, turned away. Perhaps there is a great lesson to be learned by their pain, and being lost in my arrogance, I am trying to take that away from them. For that, I apologize. I guess it would be best to make it known that we as indigos are open for business......but that those who want to do business will come in when they are ready. I am seeing more and more that the best we can do is to focus on the Master within ourselves, and create our reality accordingly. As we live in the light, our auras will radiate that which we wish to share with others automatically. When one needs us, they will know how to find us. I see all over the place these relationships between the sexes. The joys, the sorrows, the struggles, the pain. It's all over the place. It would seem as though love sucks. But, if that is what we believe, then we don't know what Love really is. It's the attachment to others that sucks. It's the pain when we don't receive from them everything that we expect to have fulfilled that sucks. It's the lonely isolated lost jealousy feeling of being in the void when that person shows interest in another. It's the anxiety of not knowing whether or not this person is 'the one'. And it's the shocks and tormenting agony of feeling like we have let them down when we don't give them everything that we promised to give in the beginning. We often find ourselves sort of 'stuck' or 'trapped' between two worlds. Should I follow the outside world, or the inner world? Well.....I stongly believe that the true path is the balancing of both worlds. It is not wrong to have intimate relationships with people. We should not feel trapped, but we should respect that persons space, desires, dreams, and wishes. While we have intimate relationships with people, we should not be seeking fulfillment from that alone. Fulfillment is found by expressing that which is within us, in the outside world. It is knowing that we are fulfilled already. And it is that gift of knowledge that produces the first buds of Love within ourselves. Then, and only then, could an outside intimate relationship truly prosper. It is the sharing our fulfillment with another on a personal, intimate level that these relationships are for. It is not seeking fulfillment in the other person. This is not the way. Love is Everywhere. It is Within us. 'The One', is within us, not in another. Although, both Masters within each are of the same essence, they can recognize and Love eachother. It's in expressing ourselves and sharing that with others that produces the Love that God intended when reality was set into motion. 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within'.-Yeshua Ben Joseph, the Christ Sananda. I love my friends, I love my girlfriend, and I love the cosmos. These are all facets of one Grand Divine Diamond. As the Ram is not in one facet that we shall find Love, but when the light of the divine shines into the entire diamond and lights up all the facets of that individual, that Love is born. And with that ladies and gentlement of the Universe, I leave you to ponder these experiences of humanity, and gauge whether or not they have any relevance in your life. With all the best wishes for Peace Profound, until next time.-Neo
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