May 25th, 2005



"Oh no" I can hear you say, she has ANOTHER thing to post about and waste our times with. ..Sorry. But i like posting on this community. I often feel people think I go on with alot of crap in here. I dunno maybe it's a fake vibe?? Anyway..

i find it hard to stick to Religion like Christianity, I feel it's a tad "Woolly" and have sometimes thought of it to be a load of garbage. But this has really freaked me out, because I've been baptised church of England, I go to a Catholic school, i fall asleep in school masses and find them rather borring and i'm quiet scared frankly because what if doubting God is wrong and he really does exist and i'm gunna go to hell??!!

I was just wondering, because Ingigo's are said to feel the same things, if anyone else has this problem. Pagnisim witchcraft seems to best suit me. I don't wish for this topic to break out into a riot. I'm not insulting God or Christianity, these are my thoughts and queries, not insults. So please please please do not take this the wrong way..

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