May 26th, 2005

Living in the Midst of the Age of Aquarias

Hello! Right now, I feel a great warmth within myself. Peace, and Love. It's like a whirlwind of heat and light. I feel like I'm in the costco of nirvana......samples everywhere ;). I have recently found the Zohar and Kabbalah as you've probably seen me mention.....they are wonderful tools. In fact, they are what I've been looking for my whole life. The owner's manual to life, and the human being amidst the cosmos! Wonderful material indeed. Right now, I'm sort of in between the past and the future of myself....classic limbo. Trying to find a career....something to support myself with financially. Trying to discipline myself with my studies harder....and eating better.....I know the vegetarian thing is right around the corner ;). All I seem to really want to do is follow the inner path and delve into the studies of the mysteries, and make people laugh. Help the younglings. Despite everything that is going on, I have this inner peace and light, I feel that we are on the edge of exploding into the next phase of human existence. It's like my mind seems to be trying to figure out the rubix cube of modern human existence, but my heart is just lit up with peace and love. It is a wonderful feeling. I am feeling more and more that I just want to light up some incense and candles, put on some peaceful melodies, and delve into the mysteries. I love it. It's my passion. My brain drinks it up like a sweaty black basketball player with an ice cold gatorade. Yes. It is in me ;). I am in love with Wisdom, Ancient Truths, the Self, the Nature of God, the Universe. I Love it all. I am also beginning to see quite clearly that this is an alone journey. As much as I want to just yell out the meaning of life to all those who are's not my place. I will say that through the Kabbalah centre, there is a program dedicated to kids and youth about teaching the laws of life and the universe to them. That is exactly what I dreamed of doing! Quite amazing the way things are going. So, I am going underground with my studies. The light that I receive from them shall begin to shine into my life more and more. I'm just going to smile, and walk on my path, while letting others walk on theirs. And should someone need some help, I will be there, smiling. I am very grateful to know that there are others out there just like me doing the work. All my life, I've looked outward, for the approval and acceptance of others for who I am. But now, I have made some contact with my Inner Master, and I am slowly but surely learning how to approve of and accept myself :). It is a wonderful feeling to find some inner peace and fulfillment. I can only hope and imagine that it will grow and expand as I continue on my path. And with that, I would like to send out Love and Light to those doing the work, to those close to me, my girlfriend Meg, my good friend Mikhail......and to those who are still wandering the labyrinths of ignorace. The time is near, for all to remember the time before time, and come into the Law of Understanding and Self Gnosis. Love, Light, and Life.......Peace Profound!-Neo

Where Are My Powers?

Hello to all once again! Since this is an Indigo community, I thought I would share something with you all, and see what kind of feedback I get. My attributes of an Indigo are being an old soul, and having access to wisdom that is beyond my years. My intuition is very good. Other than that.....I'm sometimes confused with why I have difficulty with other abilities. Seeing auras, astral projection, communication with spirits.....being able to see spirits and energies in general. Maybe I'm a late bloomer. Does anyone have any experience with such things? I'm not sure why I have difficulty with these things. Perhaps it is easier for females. I don't know! Anyway, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Peace Profound.-Neo