May 28th, 2005


....I promise this isn't a newbie question!! >_

Ok, like i said in a comment i picked up on a name and three numbers, it's been on my mind lately and is really bugging me and feels like its of vital importance. Seeing that some people have been getting weird feelings lately i thought i'd post and if you know of someone with this name please please let me know.

>> The name was hard to pick up on but it sounds like Michael, Michelle or Mitchel (along the lines of a 'Mi' sound) leafstair, leffstare, lifstir well it was along the lines of that also. I also got the numbers 3,7,8.

If anyone knows anything or can suggest anything, apart from looking in the phone book *sigh* i've already tried that, let me know.

Thanks everyone,
Best wishes to all of you.