June 1st, 2005


Energy Energy Everywhere, when are we going to Land!?

Hello Seventh Ray Beings, ;)
For the past few weeks I have been going through and processing so much that it's been a wild but amazing ride. All the things that I have been wanting to manifest seem to be coming into view. It's such a confusing and chaotic, but amazingly fantastic period of growth on the planet right now! Woot!
The energy that is emerging from the changes happening is fantastic! It's caused some of our healing, to speed up into lightspeed. And we are processing things faster now than we ever have before. We are truly tapping into our true potentials right now. The term "catch the wave", seems very right in this instance. I feel like I am riding a wave into a higher perspective.
Has anyone felt that family and friends have had a higher amount of aggression toward you lately? I've been noticing that since the energy has moved into a higher consciousness in the past few weeks, those that are flowing with it, are becoming more peaceful, less trouble, and those that are confused, and upset are becoming more aggressive and angry. When I've tried to be kind and helpful, they act like I have shot them. I was told that this is a very private time, by my guides, and that I just have to take all my well intentions and hold on to them till after the energy becomes more stable. We are looking at our innermost fears, anger, and troubles right now, so that we can remove these blocks and become a more conscious and beautiful being.

There is a wonderful book I read this weekend, that is more extreme than these changes happening, but worth a peek into. It's called Earthshift. www.earthshift.net I believe we are going through a minor influction of a shift, but this book talks about the shift from the 3 dimension into the 5th. It's really fascinating. I read it nearly all of it in three sittings. It's written like a story, so it's lovely to follow.

Also if you are having trouble with negative neighbors, try black tourmaline alone ajoining walls. It respells negative energy and returns it as love. :) If you are looking for a great energy body/aura/chakra balancer and cleaner, kyanite is fantastic. Feeling a little hurt or your heart chakra being over active, Rose quartz. Right now those of us that are feeling this shift, have to be feeling outta sorts, or our energy is wild. I know mine has been insane. Breath in the Peace, Breath out the Chaos. ;) It works, believe me. :) Breath in the Trust, breath out the Fear. Breath in the Love, breath out the Anger. Easy, but powerful. ;)

Alrighty my cheddos, I'm off and running. I wanted to share, and see where every else is. I kinda feel like I'm bobbing alone. Would anyone be interested in a chat session via Yahoo later tonight, about 10pm EST?

Much Love and Peace on your Individual Journeys,
Isabella :)

and he shall come from the clouds of ignorance and every spiritual eye shall see him

hello friends,

i am a fellow indigo child returning to his flock after years of delusion and ignorance.

i was born a very smart and intelligent young child. people would say i was gifted and i was placed in a montessori school for a few years before actually starting school. i learned how to read (with expression) at the age of one and a half and i had the average 'gifted and talented' traits that most indigo's have. although through the course of my seventeen years in this body i have been put through some trials and tribulations that, at the time, i was not strong enough to handle and like most teens i fell. i fell hard. dropped out of school, started hanging out with the wrong crowd but was never happy or content and i couldnt keep friends very long, started resorting to drugs and sleep as forms of escape into the subconcious reality beyond this one. finally, not having anyone to really understand me i just sort of gave up.

on march 19th of this year i died from a very high dextromethorphan (about 4000mgs) trip that i prolonged for about three days without eating, sleeping, or drinking. i dont want to get into the details of the trip but it was like picking up my cross and bearing it so to speak. i saw the flaws and the mistakes i have made in my life and came face to face with them. my body finally gave out although i did not know i had died but rather i continued living in the astral world in a darker, hell-like reality due to a large amount of karmic debt that i had to work off. finally i came in contact with god who absolved me of this karmic debt and allowed me rather than be reincarnated into another body he allowed me to simply return to this one. i woke up with nothing wrong with me at all and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after being clinically dead in the hospital for about 20 minutes. no sign of brain damage or anything else wrong with me whatsoever.

ever since then a number of strange occurances have been happening. my knowledge of the universe and of god and reality is ever-expanding and i am learning various theories and philosophies that i have never read in any books but that some people on livejournal and other internet communities have been ablt to agree with me upon such as singular conciousness and other "god is everything. everything is god" / vibratory energy of the cosmos beliefs. my psychic abilities are advancing every day and i have done everything from healing my little sister after splitting her head open on the coffee table of my dad's house to little irrelevent things such as making a bag of fresh tomatoes manifest from a thought to use for a sandwich.

i have a lot of beliefs and ideas i want to share with people who will understand them and im hoping this community will be a good place to do so. i also want to learn more from fellow indigos about how to become more intune with my abilities and also make some new friends along the way.

my aim sn is so autolux and i am usually always on and you can feel free to contact me via my lj.

i look forward to hearing from you all.