June 3rd, 2005


hello, new here

I am a star child, but I am not Indigo. I was unaware of this untill a walkin explained some of this to me and set me to researching more about all of the children. My brother is also a star child, both of his children are indigo's and the grand children of the walkin are crystiline.
I am interested in learning more about this and still trying to figure out my place in this. Many of the people that I know were in france with me previously, in a lifetime that caused me extreme turmoil that affects me to this day. I am still terrified of being alone, after having died so there.
I have experienced many of the same things the indigo children do, alternately thought of as genius or learning impaired, i entered the first grade reading on the 6th grade level, and was reading at college level by 9th grade, yet many concepts of math escape me completely :P

Anyway there do not seem to be any communities for those of us who came before I hope you all wont mind me lingering here looking for answers.

the time is near

in a conversation with neochristos i shared a personal experience that i had in which god showed me a sign of my purpose and destiny in life. i have told my family about it and my mother believes but my father says im blasphemous. when i died, before i was resurrected god told me that i had to return to fulfill my purpose. he told me that i was to be filled with the christ and gather his children and pave the way for the new earth. for a while i was very confused by this upon returning to my body back on this physical plane. did god intend for me to be the "second coming of christ"? it wasnt until later that i learned about the christ-conciousness that embodies every person on this earth and that jesus was only a man in tune with this universal christ-conciousness. krishna and buddha and other spiritual masters have also attained this christ-conciousness. so i am not the second coming but rather simply one of many. and in the end there will be a global resurrection of the christ-conciousness within every receptive devotee on earth. "and he will come from beyond the clouds (of ignorance) and every (spiritual) eye shall see him".

now at the time i was very confused and afraid that i was delusional so i prayed that god show me a sign to verify my purpose if that was intend his will. right away i was put in almost like a trance-like state and i opened up the bible right to daniel 12;

"and at that time shall arise michael, the great prince who stands for the (indigo) children of thy people. it shall be a time unsurpassed in distress since nations began until that time. many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some shall live forever, others shall be an everlasting horror and disgrace. but the wise shall shine brightly like the splendor of the firmament, and those who lead the many to justice shall be like the stars forever."

it was as blunt of a reply as any. i felt gods presence flowing through my veins and in my spirit. since then i have been given knowledge and truth from god that i am piecing together to form the big picture that i plan on sharing with people. like my brother jesus i will have many adversaries. those who yearn to keep their control on the people of this world, to keep them in bondage and fear. but i have god's ever-present love and protection and this time no one will stand in my way because its time. i am simply a reflection of god's love and i am to do my father's business. i will preach, fellowship, share, give, and love. it is not a matter of christianity or any other religion because in the beginning there was no religion so why is there a need for one now? this is not a message of religion but a message of faith and love. i have plenty i want to share with everyone, the abundance of god's bounty. the body of christ that is the absolute truth. the bread of life.

though i am still preparing myself because i have only lived seventeen years in this body and i have forgotten much but christ as well as god are constantly reminding me and teaching me and when the situation calls for it i will have the words to say. all i ask is that my fellow brothers and sisters will guide me and continue to train me and teach me. do any of you have any suggestions on ways of stirring the waters of the earth? it is time for a change and i cant idle around, i must go about my father's business. i do wish to preach god's true love/word to the church's of the world. i dont fear my enemies, i love them. neochristos has suggested i come to florida where he, as well as two other indigo friends of mine reside. because you know what god says about when two or more gather in his name! :D

i'd like to hear your thoughts and suggestions for a sort of itenary for making way for the new earth. it is our time. i may not be a great prince but i am more than willing to stand for the indigochildren of my people.