June 6th, 2005

All Is Set......The Pieces Are In Motion....

Greetings my beautiful people! For the record, today is 6 6 05. In one year.....well, you know what they say ;). Anyway. How are all of you? Walking the walk? Talking the talk? Or perhaps we need a little more work ;). Fear not, you're not alone. I recently met a wonderful person by the name of Mikey......londonplanes. I know you've seen his entries ;). Meeting Mikey was a personal blessing in my life. I desperately wanted to find other Indigos who were on the path, and whom I could truly TRULY connect with. I've always felt like a big person in a little persons house.....and I really really really want to meet people with houses big enough for me! If you take my meaning. I really want to get fully in touch with my Divine Self. I have this great feeling within of a migration of sorts......but I'm not really sure where to go! I want above all else, to be surrounded with those on my same frequency, and I would LOVE a Master Teacher. My brethren, I am yearning for a Master teacher! You know, one with the experience, the know how........an ancient version of myself. You see....I need more discipline. More focus. I need help. Compadres. Teachers. To surround myself with. Like a Hogwarts atmosphere. Or if I can't get a huge castle with wizards and witches around every corner, at least just grant me a few from my own planet! Actually, let me take a moment now, to manifest this desire of mine. Oh God of my Heart, author of the Cosmos, I come before you now to put forth a desire o mine! I call forth those individuals of my soul frequency, those whom I can truly connect with, and really be able bring forth the Light within me, as well as them. I desire Spiritual Companions and a Spiritual Master.......Spiritual Guides! If it pleases the Cosmic, it is Done! Well ladies and gentlemen.....you are the witnesses here ;). We will see how things manifest. Lovely! In other news......I am loving Kabbalah. Highly recommended for all interested in the Laws of the Universe and how to apply them. I'm surprised that something so ancient and rich in spiritual wisdom has been so successfully modernized. I recommend the 72 names of God, Becoming Like God, and the Power of Kabbalah. www.kabbalah.com. www.72.com. www.becominglikegod.com. Check it out! Kabbalah is in motion and is going great so far. I find it to be spiritually exhilirating, and inspirational :). Truly technolgy for the Soul. Moving on. June 19th is a day this year serving dual purposes. I am a member of the Rosicrucian Order, some of you may or may not know, and it is an International Day of Peace this year. Also, in some strange turn out of events, it happens to be my birthday. So mark it off on your calendars people, on June 19th, remember Peace! Do so, and I'll remember your Piece, of cake! ;). That being said, I am greatful to have met Mikey. Also to have found Kabbalah. I have said it before, but I will say it again. I feel great things upon us. I just need companions, and a little more focus and discipline......perhaps a mentor or two....someone who has walked the path. May my head be filled with Divine Knowledge, my Heart be flooded with Divine Love, and my body to be alive with Super High vibrational Kundalini energy, to accomplish my goals and dreams. I'd also like to send out a 'Hey! You are Loved By Eternity, and Everything Will Work Out Beautifully!', to all of you souls out there who are experiencing darkness, frustration, loneliness, hopelessness, and despair......you are not alone. The Light is With You! Your struggle will end whenever you are ready. Just keep that in mind ;). Alright people, that's a wrap! Roll the credits.-Neo
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