June 10th, 2005

Two Basic Realites Exist!

This of course, is not from me, but from an ancient teaching called Kabbalah. Two basic realites exist:

Our 1 percent world of darkness and the 99 percent realm of light!

A Brief summary of the 1 percent: based on our five physical senses.....a realm of spiritual darkness and chaos......

We react to external events; fulfillment is temporary and happiness is fleeting; effects, symptoms, and reactions preoccupy us; we are victims who apparently suffer because of other people's actions and random external circumstances; there seems to be no hope for bringing about permamnent, positive change because any change that occurs is temporary and therefore illusory; the majority of our desires remain unfulfilled.

A brief summary of the 99 percent:...lies beyond human perception........

A world of absolute order, perfection, and infinte spiritual Light; a realm of action rather than reaction to external events; the source, the seed, and the hidden origin of the physical world; a world of total fulfillment, infinite knowledge, and endless joy; a dimension in which we can initiate positive, lasting change, permamnent change that also manifests in our 1 percent world.

Basically my wondeful companions of Terra/Earth........what they are trying to say is that there are two paths......two realities.......two choices in which to approach and live life. For a few thousand years now.....they have been known as Heaven and Hell. The Light path, and the Dark path. Good and Evil. This is the world of Duality. Yet....they are one ;). Experiencing and living these two realities comes from our brains! Scientists agree......we use less than 4% brain capacity. Look at what we have accomplished with a mere 4% capacity!!!!!! My God, imagine what will happen when we all tap into 100%!!!! Now, many religions keep you locked in that 4%. Be careful of these my dear ones! They will say......'well, you know....you have to go through this one man, Jesus Christ, in order to go to Heaven.' So you say, 'Ok, fine....let's do it! Why not? I have nothing else in my life!' But wait. Only after doing so, you find out that it's not now that you get to experience these things.....but when you die. Hm. Am I the only one who doesn't find that completely ascinine??? No! Don't believe that malarky! Those priests are raping young boys because of their twisted 4% perspective of what they believe to be 100% of reality! It's madness! It's chaos! It's using 4% of your capacity!!!!!! They will tell you that only certain individuals can do it. If that's true, then why did they spend so much time and energy.....and every now and then sacrifice their bodies, to simply be worshipped? Don't give me that wimpy ass monkey minded cop out nonsense! You and every Christ or Buddha......every Great Mind and Soul that has come through here has the EXACT SAME EQUIPMENT that we all have!!!!!!! The ONLY DIFFERENCE, is that they knew how to tap into their full potential and use it! They tried so hard to show us the way. But you know, I guess we have to just learn the hard way ;).
Infinite exists with or without our perception of it people. Infinite potential we have! There are two distinct areas of your brain from which you can live life. The first, is the regular ass man that everyone hates......he's operating from what is known as the Yellow Brain. It's like, on the top of your head....the surface of the top. This is the birthplace of all our bullshit! People and their dramas!!!! All come from this limited ass point of view. Now. There is also a part of your brain that is your access to Infinite. It's not religion, or magic folks. It is becoming SCIENCE!!! It is known as your lower cerebellum. It's located in the back of your head, at the base. This is your part of the brain that operates from 99% capacity! All the Great Minds accessed their brilliant works of art, scientific discoveries, philosophical postulates, mathematical equations.....and all of the Greatness of our race.....from this part of their brains. This is their (and our) access point to an infinite source of knowledge, ideas, inspirations, wisdom......everything! So when those people say....'Sounds good and everything......but how do you know it's not just all in your head?' Good question. To which I would reply....'Everything is ALWAYS in your head!!!' What's 'real' and 'unreal' is a matter of personal truth which is born of personal experience. No man can say this or that about another man's truth. Accept to Love his own truth, and to Love the fact that his neighbor has a truth that he Loves just as equally. Don't be bad. Don't be good. These are traits of the same sham!!!! Be who you really are. Be Infinite potential. And keep in mind now.....this is not some grandiose 'potential' that we have ability to access. It's the meaning of our existence. To have ideas, desires......and to have Infinite from which to derive the energy in order to manifest it into a tangible experience.....and thus give birth to Truth! They have kept the Truth from us. Twisted, by the dark side of the force ;). Kept us under control with fear, and stories. Well. They've had their time. Now, it's our time :). The time of the Golden Renaissance. Alpha and Omega baby. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.-Neo
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