June 20th, 2005


Posting for a friend..

Wow! What a quiet 10 days for everyone.. Well i'd love to post and tell you guys to look at me but i can't. I'm posting for a friend who is in distress and her internet stuffed up. I will try my best to explain her situation.

She has been having this recurring(spelt right??) dream. Here's a detailed description in her words:

"I'm in a clearing, there are a few trees around and there is a girl/woman with long brown wavy hair and a long white dress, she is also wearing no shoes. She is facing away from me, and taking no notice. It's like i'm not there.

I follow her, wether by will or not and she walks over to a stone bench and falls asleep. I then go into her dream... She's running through some dark woods, there is screaming from behind her. I can feel the pain of the branches and rocks pierce my skin as she runs. She trips and falls, i then get a quick look at her face before she screams and gets up to run again. Her eyes are a blue/grey colour, more grey then anything there's also worry in her eyes, and a cut across her mouth.

After she gets up and runs again my heart starts beating. Something terrible is going to happen and i can feel it in my bones. She trips again, she falls and i fall with her. She hits the ground with a thud and doesn't open her eyes. I turn around and all i can see is a black shadow darting around after her, she screams and then i wake up-"

Thats her dream. And it's all games and fun until she wakes up in weird places. She's woken up under her bed, in the shower, outside in the shed, near the fireplace (or rather in it) and recently, in her neighbours backyard.

She's also been having these weird sensations like someone's hugging her or touching her. But it doesn't feel threatening. It's a warm and fuzzy feeling. When she goes to bed at night she can feel someone either underneath her or ontop of her hugging her.

This did not bother her, it makes her feel comfortable and safe, BUT it does scare her. Recently she went to bed feeling the same thing after i told her to try and communicate with it, she did by saying ,"I know you're there. But i don't know why.." then two days after she felt the feeling again and then in her ear something whispered "Hello" to her.

She's worried, i can see it in her eyes. It's not like her to lie but i'm not sure. I told her about you guys and she asked me to post it and get your opinions on it..

If you can help please do, if you have comments about this don't hesitate, if you think she's lying please tell me.

Thanks a bunch guys. Hugs and kisses to you all!!