July 3rd, 2005

Indie and Indigo

I've always wondered about the connection between the aging of the indigo generation and the recent explosion of indie music and films in popular culture.

(To those unfamiliar with the term, 'indie' originated from 'independent' - independent films and independent labels with regards to music. Both signify the lack of large production companies having a say in how it turns out; the music and films are thus created independently of outside demands and expectations at the sacrifice of precious funding and promotion by production companies.)

Indie films are now being played at regular theatres, and indie bands are getting airtime on the radio. The are now 'indie' cliques in schools, while when I was in high school there just wasn't that social group.

I have another example of this. I live in a mid-sized city in Ohio, and about 5 years ago a couple of guys tried to start a booking/promoting company for indie music that ultimately failed due to lack of interest. A year or two ago, they started their old company back up and it's flourishing.

Do you think this recent leaning towards artistic and creative culture is related to the Indigo Children? Or is it just another social fad, glamourized and soon-to-be discarded by an ever-changing culture?

I'd also like to hear input from older generations; is it just a phase in the cycle or is this really something unique?