July 13th, 2005

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i think half the people that join this community, are only here because the descriptions of being indigo are so broad and vague, and any wandering person reading into it could easily be persuaded to think that,
"yes! indeed! i am special! i have purpose!"

could it be more or less a feeling of a need of belonging? or perhaps the idea that there is something more to this life than we can see and indigos are somehow, part of that great big scheme of things? do all the commonplace people, i.e. non-indigos, play no role, or a role that doesnt measure up to the supposed "workload" of an indigo? is that to say that people who are -not- indigo have no mission or purpose in life? a lot of the things i read really appear to appeal to the separatist, but the separatist with the need of belonging, [thats a complicated issue to  explain, i'm sure atleast one person that reads this will understand that].
i too, succumbed to the descriptions of indigos and felt i connected with most given examples on one level or another, whether through experiences, belief or overall just general feeling. it wasnt that i was searching for a community to accept me, or a purpose in life, or an identity, it was just the descriptions of supposed indigo i read about that convinced me for a little while that i was "special", for lack of a better word. how come most websites prey on this separatist mentality, or the person who is searching for an identity? in my efforts i have not found a common dogma, or belief structure amongst self-confessed indigo, in fact, what i have found, is a lot of bickering and arguments as to what this belief structure is, or should be based around and etc... this community is a good example of that at times.

i stumbled across this community actually, while looking for info on the 11:11 phenomenon, and that in itself requires a bit of imagination. to think that great advanced spiritual beings are communicating with us through cryptic time prompts requires imagination and a lot of hope.

so far i've gathered that indigo are supposed to have a purpose, is that to say that indigo have an agenda? what about the purpose of non-indigos...? i read numerous times that indigo are here to awaken the spiritual being in all of us, i have a conflict with that as i tend to believe spirituality is gained through experience, and personal interpretation of said experience, so in a sense, i can compare what i have read about indigos and their purpose or missions, to the mormons [LMaO].

its difficult to articulate somethings without offending the pragmatists, and since i have already offed a lot of people, i need to see how some self-confessed indigo will react to this.

take care strangers. :)

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