July 24th, 2005

(no subject)

its funny how most of this group of people who are suppose to be "awakened" and "lead the way" for others are such elitist assholes. whats the difference between indigo and crystal and whatever and some other self absorbed "special people" group? if you were actually a spiritual person you wouldnt feel the need to feel "higher" than someone else or claim to be so, even your own kind by questioning whether or not they are "indigo"(what makes you so sure you are one yourself then?) shows this. you could call me whatever you want, say i'm just a jealous outside who wishes they were "special", i couldnt care less. i just think some of you should really take a good look at yourself and really examine the way you act and things you say, or are your vision of auras that blinding that you cant see through your own bullshit?

edit - oh well since i'm here and already pissed off most of you, i might as well ask something i've been wondering for a while, could this be astrology related? for example, anything shown in someones natal chart?