August 16th, 2005

Are we good or evil?

We're all on the right path, or at least the path that was laid out for us. Unfortunately, I am starting to question whether or not we're working for the good guys. The light is associated with Lucifer, is it not? How many of us are fearful of evil? People are often most fearful of who they really are. Perhaps it is ourselves that we truly fear. We feel like we work for good, but how do we know for sure? Why is it that Indigos often die after they've made their mark in the world? Is it done to make sure that we don't go back on our word? Is it done to enhance a legend status? I thought it was the bad guys killing off the good ones. Yet we've participated in killings as well.

What if all this mysticism we speak of, what of none of it's real? Perhaps we only have one life, that there is no Heaven, no afterlife. Why do the famous new-age leaders have to channel angelic beings? Why do the famous psychics start off being very sensitive and then end up giving themselves over to their "spiritual guides" for added sensitivity and power? How do we know that these entities such as Kryon and Metatron are not demonic with ulterior motives? What if there is no God? What if when we die, there is nothingness, no consciousness. What if we got it all wrong?

I thought that the Indigos were here to save the world. But by nature we are intolerant, judgemental, arrogant, and pleasure seeking. Our Indigo children are killing other kids, promoting visual, auditory, and physical pleasures, abusing alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs, smoking marijuana. How can this be good? You say it is supposed to break down barriers, but all I see is chaos. It's a sham. We have all been duped. God specifically instructed Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but the devil tempted her and she ate from it. She went against God. We all ate from it. We all went against God. From this we regained knowledge that has been hidden from most people for thousands of years. And we share our knowledge to others just as Eve did to Adam.

This rambling was a result of one night of supreme clarity. I haven't decided yet if my work is to help to set humanity free or enslave him. Perhaps one of you has been here before and can either confirm my beliefs or convince me otherwise. Right now, to me a job is a job, and I will do what is asked of me, for my "purpose" is the only thing that I have, and it's the only thing that means something to me.
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