September 6th, 2005

Let's write a book together

Ok, so pretty much every Indigo I know is working on a book of some kind. I myself have been working on one of my own. So far I have 26,000 words and should end up with around 35,000 words by December. That's enough for approximately 120 pages on a normal 8x5 book with small print. I'd actually like to get 250-300 pages before publishing without having to enlarge the text. I have a copyeditor and publishing set up--it'll be available to order online on amazon and barnes and nobles. What determines whether or not a book is successful is how effective it is marketed. With two or more authors on board, you have multiple people to market the book, attend book signings, do interviews, write up press notices, etc. I will walk you through the marketing process. If you're interested in coauthoring a book with me or would like more information, drop me a line here or shoot me an email at