October 11th, 2005

I think my fairy is evil

Recently I've been trying to rid myself of my fairy for various reasons. She said that she would show herself to me. I thought great, finally. Well, yesterday a neighbor ran into my car while it was in a parking spot. Later that night I cursed out my fairy and 5 minutes later I accidentally squirted hydrogen peroxide (30% food grade) into my eyes. It burned my eyes white. I flushed it for 30 minutes and now it's just red and swollen and slowly turning back to normal. I hope it turns back to normal anyway. So last night I had to take her back and spiritually embrace her.

Do fairies have outbursts like this? Do you think it could be a demon disguised as a fairy? Sometimes I smell like sulphur and this fairy came to me about 13 years ago when I in a rough place. These two things apparently are common among posessions. I have exorcised spirits for other people before though. Maybe they weren't fully exorcised and perhaps went into me?

Both of these things could've been prevented too. The night before I had an urge to park on the street. But why park on the street when I have a parking space? And before I found that h2o2 eyedropper, I had found another thing of eyedrops but it wasn't really the kind that I wanted.

So I feel like crap right now since I am at the mercy of my fairy. She looks just like this one which is why I bought it