October 13th, 2005

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All of a sudden, i have this urge to communicate with people in this community. i felt that i have a message to tell everyone. i talk too much to myself and sometimes i actually learn from what i say to myself. We shouldn't let the world delay the progress of our spiritual growth because we have a lot to contribute to the world. It's actually weird that i somehow feel what all of you here are feeling right now. There are many who doesn't understand us and this leads to frustration, anger, and depression. Emotion is a part of our earthly experience. It is a beautiful part of living but we must not let it take over. Let us share to the world what we have to offer.

My life has been really hurtful and depressing and i know that i have no right to feel this way. There are millions of people who are dying, starving, and are in need of our love and time. Society will persecute us for they do not understand us, and this is something that we should understand. Do not let the world stop you because the world is not aware that they need us. It is worth it. Those who persecute us are just a fraction of the innocent people who actually care about the world. i, myself, have hated the world over and over and sometimes just wished that i would die. i have felt being worthless in the world where all i cause is pain and trouble. but now i realized that pain is temporary and we are eternal.

Do not be afraid for the world needs you.
The world need us.

and deep inside your heart, i know that you know what i'm talking about.