December 14th, 2005

faery of dreams

Note from the Universe

so I get these daily "Notes from the Universe" via an e-mail list, and I read todays, and I was like "wow" so I thought I would share it with you/all/ya'll.

"Indeed, Jessica, there are Masters among you. Scattered amongst the continents to shine their lights as brightly as possible, simply by being themselves, living mostly ‘ordinary’ lives. Until, with enough of them walking the earth, at the deepest psychological levels a tipping point will be reached so that all others will be raised ever higher into the light, simply for being in their midst, as if through osmosis.

Of course... there’s always been the risk that these Masters, once immersed into a sea of limited thinkers, might mistaken their 'ordinary' lives as simply ordinary lives, think they’re simply one of the herd, and therefore not appreciate their unique perspectives, grasp their mission, or love themselves as they are no matter what others think, and the whole osmosis thing won’t work.

Jessica, how you holding up? Loving yourself?

Just checking,
The Universe"

Wow, you know even though I know that hundreds of people all over the world got that same message, I still think it was channeled especially for me :D. But you can insert your name in the spaces that say "Jessica" and make it for you too. I've spent allot of my life trying to hide my light out of fear, because past experience taught me that being "myself" meant getting hurt. But I'm working through that now, lol

We came into this world vibrating at a higher level then the density of the rest of the planet. And as soon as we where born, the whole planet shifted, because we carried that vibration with us. It maybe didn't seem like it, but it did. Everything is connected, so there for everything affects everything. Our thoughts, our words, they are more then that, they are energy in motion, and they affect things on a subtle level. But the more powerful we become, the more we believe in that power, the more we move into Who we Really Are; an expression of the divine, then the effect we have on things becomes more powerful too. And the more of us that get together and reflect our light against each other, then the more that light builds in motion and volume, and we can do great things. It doesn't serve us or anybody to let our vibration fall by letting this world as it is right now get to us. I don't watch the news, because the news depresses me. And I can't help anybody when I'm all depressed and feeling drained from feeling all the pain and suffering in the world. Maybe that sounds insensitive, it's a hard thing to do, because I do feel it, but I feel the need to do something about it more, and I know that to do that, I've got to ensure my own peace and happiness first.

I mean, we wouldn't be here if there was no hope of change. Our souls decided to come here because we saw that there was something left to save. So let's try and focus on that. We always find what we focus on, so it might as well be the good things.

Oh yeah, if you want to star getting those daily Notes from the Universe, go to (it stands for "Totally Unique Thought")