January 25th, 2006

Close-Up Me


Well, hello there all. I literally just learned about the concept of the Indigo Children this afternoon through a new friend that seemed to feel very strongly that I was one. I'd never even heard the term before, but my curiosity was naturally piqued, so I did some Googling and found some very interesting information. I was also quite literally blown away! There were very few characteristics of the profile that did not fit me. It was really strange to see all my oddnesses laid out in a list like that with a possible explanation attached when I'd always been told by others that I was probably mentally ill, and to find out that there were others that were the same. Hence my reasons for joining this community. I am intrigued by this information and hope to learn lots more and meet others like me. Here are a few of my notable indigo traits. Let me know what you think.

Extreme creative productivity. While others complain of artist's or writer's block, I never get it. If anything I have too many ideas, and always have. At times, they cause traffic jams in my head and I can't sleep until I let some of them out. I use art as a means of expressing things that I can't do justice with speech. People seem to understand what I'm trying to say better that way.

♠ Extreme discomfort with authority or social "rules". I'm not really a rebel in the traditional sense, but so much about office politics, social structure, the so-called "American dream", and so forth do not make sense to me. They seem archaic and illogical to me in many ways.

♠ I am very psychic. I sometimes see spirits, communicate with paranormal entities, hear voices, but not in that "crazy" schizoid way you hear about from some people.... aliens in the TV set and so forth. Sometimes spirits will come to me in my dreams and tell me things that later come to pass. It's disturbing sometimes, but not really unpleasant. I have, however, learned not to talk about it with most others. For the longest time, I thought everyone was this way, but I guess not.

♠ Extreme physical sensitivity. It is difficult for me to deal with bright light, loud noises, temperature, weather, or environment changes. My boyfriend jokes that we always know when a storm is coming because I will be violently ill for a day or two before, even when the weather report predicts no such thing. I can't eat certain foods because they have such a sharp smell that I will sometimes sneeze violently or even get nosebleeds.... pickles for example, or salad dressing with vinegar in it. In fact, someone could be eating vinegar at the other end of the house and I will smell it.

♠ Extreme emotional sensitivity. Sometimes if someone, my boyfriend for instance, is upset or depressed, I will take the emotion on to a ludicrous level. I will burst into tears and cry my eyes out, even if I have no reason to be so upset about whatever it is. It goes well beyond empathy. Same goes for happiness. I feel like an emotional sponge sometimes.

♠ Others gravitate toward me and ask me "deep" questions.... even stangers, and even in unlikely places like My Space. Other girls get messages there saying "hey baby ur hot", but I get people seeking me out asking me what I think the meaning of life is. It's flattering, but odd, since I usually just feel crazy inside. Other people swear they see some kind of transcending light though. I don't quite understand why, beyond just the fact that I honestly don't fit in anywhere.... even when I try.

There's more, but I don't really want to make this entry any longer than it is. It was supposed to be a simple introduction/hello, and look how I've rambled on! Anyway, nice to meet all of you. I look forward to being a part of this community.
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