September 10th, 2006

(no subject)

How many of you found yourself in advanced classes (whatever subject) or advanced programs in school?

I often found myself in advanced/honors programs in school.

Right before I started school, the school I was attending had just cut from their budget a "Gifted and Talented Students" program. (This was not a special needs/learning disabled group, this was for advanced learners who found "regular" classroom activities not challenging enough.) I had come into the school in the fall, just after the program had been cut, but my kindergarten teacher (who supported the G&T class) told my parents that I would have definitely been in it. (I only just learned of this story from my mother...)

All throughout school I found myself in advanced classes for reading, writing, and art of all kinds (especially music). However, I can barely do math.

(Also, for what it's worth, since there seems to be a lot of discussion like "Am I Indigo & how can I tell?" -- I consider myself Indigo although I deviate from the Indigo stereotype in few ways. For example, I was never considered ADD/ADHD or learning disabled in anyway, nor am I considered "rebellious" towards authority or anyone, really. Independent, yes. But "rebellious"?? Well not in the way I think of being a rebel at least. ;))