January 14th, 2007

accredited highschool homeschool/independent study in Los Angeles

I finally caved and agreed to take my son's pleas for homeschooling past the romantic idea phase and into the a one year commitment, and beyond if it works out. He's been working towards becoming a professional skateboarder since he was 8 years old, so we need to find a way to juggle his commitment to skateboarding and my desire for him to be keep the option for college in place...and for him to not miss out on all that knowledge...yeah.

I don't need to be talked into it anymore, but I still am anxious and lost. I've read and researched and have come up with my basic requirements: that he he will receive a high school diploma for an accredited institution, but that the program we are attached to provide as much freedom for he and I to choose his pace as well as the study materials.

Over winter break we experimented, and I had great fun getting documentaries and sciene videos from the library, and assigning him books and essays that I know he would love, but I believe we need something more
structured, and definitely attached to an accredited program.

By searching on the web, I've found Laurel Springs in Ojai. Does anybody know about them? I don't necessarily want a program that is so developed and complete that if I were to include my own study materials, he would be completely overwhelmed. I'd like to find something based in Los Angeles if possible. Any suggestions/recommendations?

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