April 6th, 2008


QUESTIONS!: Auras & shit

Hey: I know little to nothing about tan aura. All I know is that they're mostly sorta mental & they come in different hues/overlays/types. As far as I know, I've never met any tans aura. (I like to think of them as beings golds because I'm fucking Disney like that. Gold is pretty & it has sort of an angelic-earth quality to it =P) I don't see auras, I just feel people's personalities, sorta....


So, my first question is: Within this Metaphysical Renaissance that I sobbingly hope is coming true with us, the Indigos, then the crystals, then the star children & so on, do you think an indigo tan might show up some day? or a violet tan?!? O.o I know sensitive tan comes from a light blue, but I was wondering what a difference that would be.

Why or Why Not?

Just, I dunno, just the way with the energy of the world has been shifting so much (just for a small example: spring is coming. For a slightly bigger example, the United States (where I live) is turning over it's power figures this year. & we (the US) is continuing to get caught up in ancient religious civil wars, where we are completely not equipt. Not only is our world just shit-business as usual, but everyone's in everyone else's business, whether they put themselves there or somehow got appointed there. Plus there's the internet making the world smaller, our planet trying to exfoliate & purge herself like she's covered in ticks. .... The Times, old children, they are a-changing.

These are the thoughts that plague me while I'm trying to live my mundane little life. What about you?

Shanti, y'all -
- Lo -

PS: Anyone know what the Dalai lama's alleged aura color is, perchance?
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